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me-2014-200Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale and I love the world of business.

  • I love reading about business in business books
  • I love listening to business podcasts
  • I love watching documentaries, case studies and movies about business
  • I love launching my own niche businesses
  • and I love helping my clients to improve their businesses

For me, businesses are fascinating puzzles that I feel drawn to solve. They are so complex and unpredictable that you don’t know what might happen next, exciting!

My favourite moment is when I’m deep into a brainstorming session with a client when suddenly, and an idea comes out that makes the room go silent and the clients eyes go wide and they say “Oh wow, of course! That’s what we need to do!”.

The challenge I enjoy the most is getting into the heads of the potential customers of my clients. I love trying to figure out what they really want, what gets their attention, what motivates them to change their behavior, what brings them to the point of purchase, what makes them buy, and how they feel afterward. We humans are fascinating creatures.

If you are a business owner, part of a marketing department, part of an advertising agency, or a marketing professional, then you’ll know that advertising is really about trial and error.

It’s about trying out new ideas, new mediums, new technology, new headlines, new offers, new incentives, in the hope that you can find that secret formula for success where you can put $1 into the machine and get $10 out.

AdvertisingToTry.com can help you build a machine like that.

Use it as a checklist of what kind of advertising you can try next.

Your next choice might just turn your business into a cash machine.


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